Carlos & Irana

“Our favorite photo was the beautiful sunset and the silhouette! We literally walked between rocks to catch the beautiful sunset, all while wearing my wedding dress and my fiancé wearing his suit! The sky looked like a painting with orange, yellow, and blue colors. It was worth it!”

Raúl & Kathya

“Photography was the only thing I didn’t have to worry about on our wedding day. They preserved every moment perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Héctor & Lucy

“This photo is absolutely beautiful. It shows the joy of becoming one in front of the altar and delivering our marriage into the hands of God.!”

Axel & Emma

“This photo encompasses our relationship in every way. It is peaceful and beautiful in its purest form.”

José & Jackeline

“This was a beautiful and natural moment. It takes me back to that very moment and the exact feeling I had at that moment. We couldn’t be happier with Miguel as our photographer for the most important day of our lives.”

Miguel – photographer

Rebeca – visual producer

Both combine their talents and skills to take wedding photos that highlight unique moments that will go down in history. We are the Orozco Arcia (OA). We feel blessed to witness a story of celebration for life and love.



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Miguel Orozco Photography

Westfield, Indiana


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Cómo obtener las MEJORES FOTOS el día de tu boda

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