Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We leave you a series of questions and answers to help you.
How many photos will we receive for our wedding?

Each wedding is different, an average client receives between 600-900 photos for coverage of the day of the event.

Are the images we receive edited?
Yeah! Each image will be edited. The type of editing we offer to each client includes color correction, exposure adjustment, skin softening, and our secret sauce that gives your images a POP!
Can we post our photos on social media?
Absolutely! We encourage you to do so! We just ask that you kindly give us credit so that your friends and family know where we are.
Are the photos we receive in our digital gallery high resolution?


Can we print our photos?
Of course! Just keep in mind that common photo printers are usually not calibrated to bring out the true colors in a print. In order to obtain accurate colors and photos that do not fade or degrade over time, we advise you to print your photos through our professional printing service. It is very easy and accessible through the gallery that you will have available online.
What happens in an emergency when you cannot attend the event?
In an emergency, don’t worry! We are part of a group of very talented photographers. If one of us couldn’t attend your wedding due to an emergency, someone just as talented (or better!) will attend. But rest assured, we know that your wedding day carries a great responsibility that we take very seriously.
How long does it take to deliver the photos?
It takes us 3-4 weeks to edit and deliver your final photos to you.
Do you offer wedding albums?
Yes. There are different options available to add them to your collection.
Are there hidden costs?
The only costs you’ll incur after the initial cost of the collection you’ve chosen would be additional options you’ve added. Examples of that would be, extra pages in your album, extra travel expenses outside of the agreed mileage, parking fees, food/lodging if your wedding is considered a destination wedding, additional albums, prints, or special editing requests.
How long is the engagement session?
An engagement session typically lasts between one to one and a half hours. We will schedule your session an hour and a half before sunset.
How many photos will we receive from the engagement session?
Typically 50 to 80 photos are delivered from an engagement session.
How do we contract your services?
Once we’ve met and you decide to hire us, we’ll send you an electronic contract. That means everything can be done online! Once the deposit is paid and the contract is signed, you officially have that date reserved for your wedding photo coverage!
How do the payments work?
For the convenience of our clients, we divide the payments in 2. The first payment is made at the time of signing the contract. The second payment is paid upon delivery of the final product.
How do we pay you?
We accept cash or deposit/transfer in our bank accounts.

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